A special thank I would like to add

As you know the development of this project is blocked from a long time and perhaps for other long time. So it will be hard to see a new release soon. There are high risks that Nomen project will not know other releases after the already published version 0.1.1, even if I will never abandone this project.

Seeing that I’d like to thank here Ramon, the headmaster of Virtualltek (those ones who make Fighter Factory). He downloaded my sourcecode and gave me a lot of nice suggestion about how to increase quality of my sourcecode, about how to make program more efficient and underlined some things needed to be changed for a future support for Mac Os X and many other suggestions. Regardless of the fact that I will be able or not to follow all his suggestions (also due to my limited skills) I want to thank him for beeing so kind to giving me this kind of support and for lending me his experience in order to make Nomen better than currently is.

So… Thank you very much, Ramon. Thank you very much, Virtualltek