Nomen would like to be distribuited as an executable also for MacOs X. But I have not a Mac myself, so an external help is needed
To become the MacOs X packeger you will not require programming skills but only a good internet connection and a lot of space in HD (unluckly the MacOs Qt enviroment, required for compiling nomen, is very heavy)
If you want to become the NOMEN MacOs X official packager please subscribe yourself at Mugenrebirth Forum and write me a PM giving me your e-mail. I will contact you with an e-mail.

NOTE: Until this page exists it will mean that a Mac Os X Packager still not found. So don’t be afraid about if your reply arrives later or not. It is never late to help! This becouse, even if Nomen project probably will never continue after the old release 0.1.1 I have no intention to abandone it and I’d like that it could run also for Mac